Smarter AdWord Campaigns

Help to Make your Ad budget go further with Landing Pages & retargeting

1. Setting up AdWords

Google AdWords can offer unbeatable value, but it is unlike traditional marketing.

The common mistakes are

  • Letting Google optimize for you.
  • Bidding too high for the top place.
  • Making adverts too generic.
  • Not testing copy and keywords.
  • Not being conscious of click through rates.
  • Not tracking results.

We help you to

  • Avoid displaying ads to unsuitable searchers.
  • Test AdWord copy and keywords.
  • Use conversion focussed landing pages.
  • Bid for value rather than position.
  • Improve on competitor's ad copy.
  • Track effectiveness.

2. Setting up Landing Pages

These focus on conversion and have one 'call to action'. They "message match" the advert and seek to overcome visitor concerns. Hover over the ticks in this example page to see more:

There are two main types of landing pages. Those that aim to encourage the visitor to buy now and those that offer free goods in exchange for an email and their consent to follow up.

3. A/B Landing Page Testing (optional)

  • This is the process of randomly sending traffic to variations of the landing pages to see which converts best.
  • This is much debated among conversion experts, but it is probably best to make big changes.
  • This is usually one of the last things we would do and after the Google AdWord testing is completed.

4. Retargeting with Facebook Pixel (optional)

 70-80% of visitors to a website never return.  Buyers typically need to be exposed to a product/service 8-20 times before they act . Retargeting helps by giving your brand prolonged exposure to those who have already shown interest. This how it works...


We add a tracking code

Facebook's code is added to your website.


Build an "Audience"

Every Facebook user who visit your page can be targeted.



Adverts are shown only to those who did not take action.

We will create the Facebook advert for you and optimise for cost and display time.


It is possible for us to set up multiple campaigns, but we strongly recommend you focus on one product or service first. There are a vast number of variations to test to get the best outcome. What is learned can often be applied to later campaigns to do twice as much or more in the same time.

Although we do much of the "heavy lifting", running a profitable AdWord campaign means putting a lot of thought in the first campaign. Simply, there is no point in hiring us and being absent throughout the process. We know much about internet traffic and user psychology, but you know your business best.

We want visitors to have to think as little as possible. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Would you trust you?  Is the offer as risk free as possible. Have you answered the questions that you would ask yourself?

We will help you to optimize your AdWord account. The more you can tell us about their demographic and what your customers are like, the better we can help. Do you know how they found you?  What terms they would use to search for you. What aspect of your product or service they liked or did not like. When do they tend to contact you (by email).

Google AdWords has a sign-up process where you need to create a campaign before you can enter your payment details and start.  It is weighted to favour Google. We suggest you don't waste time trying to set up a proper campaign, but rather complete it and pause it. Go to Google AdWords here.

If your campaign involves Facebook retargeting we can manage it via our Business Manager account, but it is sensible to have an account of your own. It is distraction free and you can invite others and set individual permissions for them.  Go to Business Manager here.

This is a "must have" for most websites, but it's needed to track the effectiveness of an AdWord Campaign. Go to Google Analytics here.

Get started

We give you up to 10 hours (over one month) to support your campaign for £400.

We need a minimum of 7 days to get your campaign running.

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