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David Waumsley


I run WP Corner Shop and I've been making websites since 2006.
When I'm not doing that, I blog, create Beaver Builder resources, make YouTube videos and co-host a weekly podcast for website builders called WPBuilds

In short

  • We build basic websites in a day, but ...
  • You can buy more days for more complex projects.
  • You can have your site built for you, but ...
  • You can also learn to do more yourself.
  • We work to help you get the best returns.


We also offer specialist hosting & site care, advanced SEO, Ad campaigns with landing pages, training and project discovery sessions.

How it works


Tell us about your project

We suggest some approaches.


Book your day

We help you gather content.


We build your site

You can help or leave it with us.

What to Expect


  • We charge the same regardless of project value and budget.
  • You can meet other clients in our private Facebook support group.


  • We don't ask you to sign a contract.
  • No project deadlines.  You can book time as you need it.
  • We're not precious about our expertise. Websites should be fun.


  • We use a project management tool for emails, make custom screencasts and hold online meetings (if needed).


  • We want to empower you so you can spend less on development.
  • We avoid wasting your budget by reinventing the wheel.
  • No time wasting on proposals, contracts, payment and content.

 All sites are mobile and search engine friendly and optimized for speed.  We value best practice, code quality and open source software.

See how easy it is to edit your site with our live demo.  Of course, we give you some video tutorials too.