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David Waumsley

I started building websites and E-commerce shops in 2006 and have since helped in creating 100's.  My speciality is helping clients get more business through smarter digital marketing.

I also blog, make YouTube videos and co-host a weekly podcast for WordPress professionals called WPBuilds.

WordPress Web Design


We build with WordPressBeaver Builder.  Combining the most popular website platform with a professional page builder gives us cutting edge technology, speed and reliability.

The benefit is you get more control which saves you developer costs and allows you to focus on more profitable aspects of digital marketing (which is where we can help clients the most).

What you can get

Under £500

A custom sites based on templates. We install it on your hosting and set you up for speed, security and SEO.  See more

Custom sites build with premium software and prepared over a week.

This for those who may need a web developer/marketer as a long term ally.   See more

Under £1,200

Discovery (£160)

Strategies to construct site content to get the maximum traffic and conversions.  See more

SEO report (£160)

Competitor and keyword analysis to hit the ground running. See more

Two Build Days (£840)

Week one builds 80% of the site. Subsequent days cost £360 and add the touches that make the difference.

£2,000 upwards

Website with Advanced Marketing

We can start to look at the many techniques might actually work for you.

  • Email List Building
  • Sales Funnels
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Landing Pages/Campaigns
  • Split Testing
  • Keyword Tracking (monitoring SEO)
  • Advanced e-Commerce Techniques
  • Link Tracking & Retargeting
  • Referral Marketing/Competitions
  • Website Personalization... etc.

What to Expect

We're constantly trying to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients so we truly appreciate feedback.
See how this changed our whole approach


  • We charged the same regardless of value to the client.
  • We're open about what we don't know.
  • You can talk to other clients in our support group.


  • You don't need to sign a contract.
  • You set the project deadlines.
  • We're not precious about our expertise.


  • Everything online - meetings, screencasts & emails.
  • We avoid jargon and aim to keep things simple.
  • We 'own' our mistakes and value honesty.


  • We work to reduce development cost.
  • We focus on ROI and supportive relationships
  • We don't outsource work unless requested.

Our sites are mobile and search engine friendly and optimized for speed.
We value best practice, code quality and open source software.

Try our demo or tell us about your project.