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Website owners tend to look to SEO when they're disappointed with their website's results.
Digital marketers tend to start with information on achievable web traffic for keywords and design around that.
Our reports save you the cost of correcting guesswork.


How it works

We use various tools to analyse search results, competitor sites and to see Google's full data set. This is a simplified version of what we do.


 The Numbers
We look what searchers are typing in to Google and how frequently.



The Competition
We compare the strength of the competition for those search results.


The Keywords
We find keywords with the most searches you can compete for.



The Approach
Based on results we suggest approaches that could work best.


You're a Furniture shop.  Everyone in your industry refers to "Contemporary Furniture" and you do likewise, but you don't get new customers.  The competition is too high and only those with the greatest "domain authority" get the traffic.

Fortunately, Google's data tells us that people search for "Modern Furniture" just as often. Your competitors missed what customers were really typing and you have a keyword you can realistically can compete for. You win the internet.

What you get

  • A video presentation of our finding with suggestions.
  • An Excel or CSV files of search data.
  • A summary of possible approaches.
  • Insights to competitor's SEO.

It's not for those who...

  • Don't need search traffic.
  • Don't want to check visitor stats.
  • Don't want to incorporate keywords in to design.
  • Think SEO is a silver bullet.

Some local markets are too small to learn anything of value. If so, we will quickly refund you.
We take 5 days to produce the report. This allows for important thinking time.

What's the catch?

Just the usual. Knowledge on its own does not equal success.

  • Your competitors may have done their homework and opportunities are not so plentiful.
  • Google's algorithm is a guarded secret. Following their suggestions increases the odds, but there's no guarantees.
  • Keywords research and implementation is only a small part of SEO.
  • Engaging content that is search worthy, new and of quality will always win the day.
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