The Discovery Process

Practical help to get the kind of site that meets your aims

The challenge for website owners

Websites have to communicate with those pesky "visitors".   They're a new race of consumers. Unbound by social convention, demanding, skeptical, task focussed and impatience. They're advert adverse and expect to be personally engaged whilst simultaneously receiving  instant gratification.  But...

The Good News is

  • They're still human and value relationships.
  • There's a ton of research about what visitors like.
  • It's much easier to monitor performance and adapt.
  • It's inexpensive to reach thousands of people.
  • You don't have to be slick and polished to do well.

In many ways it's a refreshing return to the days before mass media marketing. We're back to building relationships. You can put that megaphone on Ebay now.

The Not so Bad News is

  • You can't really be generic or cliché anymore.
  • You do need to a have consistent message and personality.
  • You do need to know your audience.
  • You do need to be accessible and straightforward.
  • They are not interested in you until you interest them.

Many advertising approaches maybe obsolete, but finding a new online voice is not always easy. That's where "Discovery" becomes handy.

We can Help You...


Ask the right questions 

If you need targeted traffic and good conversions rates we know various approaches that can help.


Organize website content

It's the main hold up to getting websites live, but we have some tricks to make it less overwhelming.


Find your online personality

We can help you understand how copy, branding and messaging works psychologically.

We give you up to 4 hours of our experience over one week. We can advice, be a sounding board and point you to (or lend you) useful resources.

Who needs this?

I want to say everyone. It took a decade of experience, never ending study and a psychology degree to gain my insights on digital marketing.  I've kept the cost low, but of course everyone has a budget. Here's my thoughts on who may need this most.

You probably need it less if:

  • You don't need new customers.
  • You have a copywriter.
  • You have digital marketing knowledge
  • You have simple local service.
  • You have had success getting engagement online.

You may wish to consider if:

  • You're not sure where or how to start.
  • You only know traditional marketing.
  • You struggle with writing copy.
  • You're not happy with your branding.
  • You're tempted to follow what competitors sites are doing.

Up to 4 hours of our knowlege and experience over a week for £160.