Done for You Sites

£340.00 1 day

Please select your date. This will be the final revision day for work we start 7 days before. Please also see the notes below.

How it Works

  1. You book your day along with hosting.
  2. We install your selected  design.
  3. We work to make it match your content and branding.

Process and timing

We allow 12 hours to complete the site. We have a long task list so the more you can tell us in advance the better we can use this time:

  •  7 day before the booked day we start creating the development site.
  • 5 days before we give you access to the site  (you can give feedback and make changes yourself).
  • On the day we reserve 2 hours for final revisions plus additional time to launch the site. (although this can be done later).

Important Notes

We finish all work at 6pm GMT.
Bookings can be cancelled/refunded up to two weeks before the build day.
Any required follow up days are best booked after we have discussed the project.

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