Our Terms

Last updated: 23 September 2019

General Terms

  • We use only open source software to build sites.  We do not retain rights on the  custom design or code we use.  Any images, fonts and icons we supply will be free to use for commercial purposes. Your website is entirely owned by you.
  •  We use premium software. This is where individual vendors supply ongoing updates, security patches and support in return for payment (usually via a yearly subscription). You can:
    (1) Maintain the software yourself
    (2) Get updates directly from the software companies themselves or
    (3) Get updates via our Hosting and Care plans.
  • We can not accept any liabilities as the software and hosting vendors we depend on do not accept any.
  • We do not give refunds (unless specified) as we are charging for our time.
  • We reserve the right to change our terms and prices. Our aim is always to be reducing cost as technology improves, but we have to balance this against inflation.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue any service we provide you. Our focus is on creating long term trust relationships and we only do this if we feel we need to protect our business or the businesses of others we host.
  • If you are not available for a booked build day There are a few options:
    (1) If your booking is 14 days away you can cancel and get a refund.
    (2) You can appoint someone in your place.
    (3) You can give us your brief and content so we can continue.
    (4) If there's no brief or content we will do our best and make you a video on how to add content.

Specific to Hosting & Care

  • This is a subscription service which automatically charges you on renewal.  On yearly plans, we send a reminder to the account holders email address 20 days before the renewal date and again 7 days before. We also will give refund up to 7 days after the renewal date has passed on both yearly and monthly plans.
  • We share our developer software licenses with you for the duration of the plans The legal use of these licences key is set by the software companies not us. It means you can not use our license keys if you are not on our plan or share them with others. To prevent accidental use you must allow us to remove the keys ourselves before you move from our service.
  • We only communicate with the one account holder on their known email address.  You can appoint someone to temporarily take your place or change the account holder, but please let us know in advance.
  • Our software fixes and repairs are unlimited, but only include the software added at the time of the build. It does not include things broken through from human error. We strongly recommend you talk to us about adding extra software. Being on the WordPress repository is no guarantee of quality and security.
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