Website build days

The building blocks for serious website projects

Build days are flexible

  • If you like to be "hands on" we show you around the page builder you can work alongside us.
  • If you prefer it "done for you" we start early and save the day for final revisions.
  • If your project takes more than one day we treat each build day as a project milestone.

"Build days" are deadlines for work done over a few weeks. We often spend our time like this:

Build Day
Next Day Tweaks

We are a team of two working a total of 15 hours.

Why build days?

  • Buying our time has proved to cost clients much less than our quoted projects.
  • A shorter burst of work seems to help focus on the websites priorities.
  • We've noticed it leads to greater camaraderie and avoids friction
  • You're not locked into what you first imagined.

We estimate each project, but some want to book more days as new ideas appear.  Some see how they can do more themselves and need fewer days. You are in the driving seat always.


How it works


Tell us about your project

We suggest some approaches.


Book your day

We help you gather content.


We build your site

You can help or leave it with us.

questions you might ask

There's no single answer. You more you can do to prepare and help, the more we can do.

We think of a one day build as being suitable for simple 5 - 10 page sites.  

We do everything online and much depends on the project. If you are working with us on the day we are likely to have an online chat first where we can walk you through what we have set up.  In that way we can show you the basics of adding content to pages. 

Sometimes much of the styling is in place beforehand. Sometimes we are doing more styling on the day. Before the day begins we will have already had communication about the design.

There are a few options:

  • This is rarely an issue as often most of the work is done before the deadline, but...
  • You can appoint someone in your place.
  • You can give us your brief and content so we can continue.
  • If there's no brief or content, we will do our best and make you a video on how to add content.

We tend to work with smaller business with less stakeholders as we have a fast and flexible approach. That said, we're part of a large network of developers and are equipped to handle Enterprise client demands.

We try to keep things as non technical as possible but do all communication online:

  • For online meetings your computer needs a microphone. 
  • To communicate before a build day we add you to a project management system (we use Asana) to organise email contact for you to send content.

Everything is straightforward, but we have encountered people who are fearful of any technology. If this is you we suggest you get support or have someone represent you.

Tell us about your website project

One day builds cost £480
Follow-up days cost £360

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