Faster Websites

Custom websites redesigned from beautiful templates,
Months of work packed into a single build day.

What you get

We help you build a custom WordPress website. You'll be able to edit the content, change the look and feel and add pages without knowing any code.

These sites are built with freely available software so there is no ongoing cost and we install it on your chosen hosting.

The benefits over DIY websites (apart from our design help) is that we can save you weeks trying to configure your site to get the best SEO, speed, security and conversions.

With constantly updated videos worth over £50 per year

Templates to get you started

Any template here can be changed to suit your industry.

How it works


Tell us about your needs

We suggest some approaches.


Book your day

We help you get prepared.


We build your site

You learn to manage WordPress.

questions you might ask

What is the difference between "Faster Websites" and your "Build Days"?

Faster Websites uses free software where Build Days uses premium software that have an ongoing cost (although joining our Hosting and Care plans minimize those cost).

Mostly we do not know which is best for you until we talk about your business needs.  If the design options with the Faster Websites are all you need and you are unlikely to ongoing digital marketing there is no point in paying more.

We Build Day customer we expect we are likely to have an ongoing relationship. If they need more traffic and conversion we will be best placed to be able to work on those issues with the full toolset.  Yet Faster Website owners are not excluded that.

What can be done in a day?

Before the day we will send you a login to your site and videos explaining how you can start adding your content.

We will also explain some the things we have installed to help you with SEO, speed, security and conversions.

If you are keen to start you can do much on your own and use the day to make the most of our skill on the more finer points of the design.  If not, we should be able completely to rebrand the templated site to match your content and preferred  style and layout

Typically the time remaining after initial set up is around 3-4 hours as we also have to allow time to set the site up on your server and issue the security certificate and check there are no hidden problems.

What support do I get after the build?

We give you permanent access to our training video for WordPress which are updated and suggest places online where you may get help.

As our business is focused on supporting those who are on our hosting and care plan we can not promise to be available should you need urgent developer help, but will try and accommodate.

When self-managing a site we recommend you also know someone with developer skill or are aware of services like Fiverr and Upwork where you can buy help.

You say we can add our own content, but how does that work?

We do everything online and much depends on the project. If you are working with us on the day we are likely to have a conference call first where we can walk you though what we have set up.  In that way we can show you the basics of adding content to pages. 

Sometimes much of the styling is in place beforehand. Sometimes we are doing more styling on the day. Before the day begins we will have already had communication about the design.

What if I book a day and I become unavailable?

There are a few options:

  • If your booking is 14 days away you can cancel and get a refund.
  • You can appoint someone in your place.
  • You can give us your brief and content so we can continue.
  • If there's no brief or content we will do our best and make you a video on how to add content.

Tell us about your project

Faster Websites cost £276