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What you need to know first. 

It's exciting times for forward thinkers

Although 80% of businesses have a website, few are properly optimized for traffic and conversion. Only a small minority of businesses have any kind of digital strategy.  It's been open season for savvy start-ups and fatal to companies such as HMV, Woolworths, Clinton Cards and Blockbusters.

The choice is obvious - right?  Carrying on with a tradition marketing mindset and build a poor performing site or learn a bit of Digital Marketing.

This course explains :

  1. Why Digital Marketing is much more about warm and fuzzy customer relationships than electronic media.
  2. How to get a competitive edge by not making those (oh too common) toe-curling gaffs.
  3. How to save a pretty penny on web developer and designer costs through preparation.

What The Course Covers

1. How Web Design's Changed

website course videoWeb Design is often seen as making attractive sites with code. For the serious minded it has always been about solving problems. Here we look at where web design is heading and why effective design more of a science than an art. 

2. Choosing the Technology

website course videoThe barriers are down. Anyone can now create a website. The challenge today is how to prevent a compete rebuild every couple of years. We look at the world's most popular platform WordPress and whether it's right for your business.

3. Planning for Effectiveness

website course videoTraditional Marketing was about broadcasting to the masses. Digital Marketing is about helping internet searchers. Here we walk through a marketing exercise designed to strengthen your message and online value.

4. Writing Compelling Copy

website course videoWeb copy can make or break a website. Changes to a single word can double sales. Button and hidden meta text can be more important than body text.  Here we'll show you some profession copywriting hacks to keep yours from stinking. 

5. Effective Site Layouts

website course videoTwo things have become important in recent years:-  Mobile Responsiveness and clear Value Propositions.  In this video we show you how select a layout that is best suited your objectives and audience. 

6. Graphics, Texture and Colour

website course videoThere's never been a better time for free and low cost graphics for your site. You don't even need to spend on software. In this module we show you how to get stunning visuals and avoid rookie mistakes

7. The Functional Web 

website course videoThe web is an interactive medium with an ever growing consumer demand for speed and ease . Likewise, site owners need more flexibility. In this video we look a web functionality. What can aid your business and what responsibilities go with it.

8. Search Engine Optimisation 

website course video93% of online experiences begin with a search, yet only 20% invest in SEO.  Close rates on SEO leads are 8 times that of outbound leads. We cover the basics of "onsite" SEO and how to get your site found.

9. Conversions (Getting leads)

website course videoOn average 70% website visitors never return to a site. Conversion is about giving them a reason to take a first step before leaving.We look why well crafted "Calls to Action" (CTAs) and email lists are important.

10.  Social Media Channels

website course videoMost businesses heard they needed to be on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the rest. Most are not social and have little effect. We look at how to run the right networks to boost the visibility and authority of your website. 

11. Pay Per Click Advertising

website course videoEven with Content Marketing, advertising still has a place. Google Adwords is a popular choice, but many marketers claim that over 90% are using it ineffectively.  We show why every Pay Per Click campaign should have a dedicated landing page. 

12. How to Get your Site Live

website course videoYou have a website brief. Now, there's the sticky matter of getting it built, hosted and maintained.  There is overwhelming number of options. In this final video we break down the options available and look at the pros and cons of each approach. 



Each video module has a quick multichoice test so you can chart your progress


Learning Websites2

We've packed in a ton of cheatsheets,  further reading and videos from leading influencers.



If you get stuck  or think something is wrong  you can talked to us the learning software.

Time Limited Bonus.

Double your Profits – 30 easy ways to get more business from your website.

Some stuff here about the book and it collectin taken from various sources. Finest minds proven techniques etc. 



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