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The bit about me

I'm David Waumsley and I run WP Corner Shop with my wife Debbie and close colleagues.

I started making websites for friends back in 2006.  This led me to create a staff intranet for work and an online shop with early versions of WordPress.

When I decided to leave my civil service job in 2012 to travel I got a call to help an old friend with WordPress. Since I've been building sites whilst exploring the globe. I focus on understanding user psychologies (my degree subject) and how this can be used for better online marketing and design.

For no good reason, I started to blog, create resources, make YouTube videos and co-host a weekly WordPress podcast called WPBuilds.  I talk a lot about web design with peers and even talk about this business and clients in this fun interview...

Speaking at WordCamp Udapur.
Talking at the London WP Meet-Up

What we believe in

  • Our focus is on giving clients as much possible control as they would like.
  • We value long term trust relationships over one-off projects.
  • We aim to keep initial costs low so they have the flexibility to make improvements over time.
  • We share our knowledge openly and don't believe in locking in clients.

Why A Corner Shop

The shop idea was our way of making things as open and efficient as possible. We called ourselves Corner Shop to remind ourselves to be as warm and as friendly as the traditional British corner shop. Presently we have:


  • Faster Websites suited to those who want to self-host and manage their sites.
  • Build Days to get started quickly or to build larger projects to your timeframe and needs.
  • Hosting & Care to protect your investment, stay up to date and be supported.
  • The SEO and Discovery sessions to help boost traffic and conversions.
  • Training Days to allow more personal control.

We also carry out advanced testing and monitor for those serious about getting the best from their website.

Across the Four Corners

Our home is North London, but we work all around the world. It:

  • Keeps us fresh and excited about our work.
  • Lets us to connect with developers around the world.
  • Lets us attend international conferences.
  • Allows us to contribute more and share our experience...
  • And annoy people on Facebook with our photos.

Above all, we value a healthy work/life balance.

We're in Goa India now.

Our Good Friends

Web agencies we enjoy close relationships with. With such great friends we believe our clients will never go unsupported.

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