We're all about making websites as simple as possible

The bit about me

I'm David Waumsley and I run WP Corner Shop with my wife and close colleagues.

I started making websites for friends and family back in 2006.  This led me to creating a staff intranet for work and an online shop with early versions of WordPress.

Then, as I decide to quit my civil service job in 2012 to travel I got a call to help an old friend with WordPress. Since, I've been building sites whilst exploring the globe.

For no good reason, I started to blog, make YouTube videos and co-host a weekly WordPress podcast called WPBuilds.


David Waumsley-WordCamp
Speaking at WordCamp Udapur. India.

A confession

We  didn't want to build client websites!  The internet was always changing.  Few understood how digital marketing worked and building one-off sites often felt like a job half done.  It seemed better to use our skills for our own online projects.

What changed was the arrival of a page builder called Beaver Builder.  It allowed us to build sites quicker, work more closely with clients, offer more autonomy and better returns. It was exciting. The challenge then was how to communicate this.

We knew we could  build attractive websites with relative ease.  What was tough was getting suitable website content and agreeing an approach to gain good traffic and conversions. Most of this depended on the client and was variable.


The Shop

That's when we decided on the shop approach. We sell our time to help clients to achieve specific goals:

  • Build Days to get started quickly or to build larger projects to the clients timeframe and needs.
  • Hosting & Care to save your investment and to stay up to date and support.
  • The SEO and Discovery sessions to help boost traffic and conversions.
  • Training Days to allow more personal control... and more.

Rather than restricting a project's scope with contracts we thought this was more open.  After all, online marketing is an ongoing journey for all of us.