The Pros and Cons of WordPress for Business Owners

We only build WordPress websites, but we don’t want unhappy clients so here’s our honest thoughts on WordPress. It comes from our experience using it almost daily since 2007 and from observing clients who are using WordPress for their business website

WordPress Pros for Business

  1. It’s the most popular website building platform in the world (no competitor comes close).
  2. It’s plugin WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce solution too.
  3. It’s constantly adapting to technological and legal changes on the web.
  4. It’s Open Source so you own it and have full control what you do with it.
  5.  The thousands of free and premium plugins for WordPress means you can do almost anything imaginable for a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer.
  6.  It’s been around since 2003 and has only grown in popularity.
  7.  You are not locked into working with one developer as so many know the platform.

WordPress Cons for Business

These are the reasons why we offer care plans

  1. It needs maintaining on a regular basis (more than ever now WordPress development increased).
  2. Most professional sites need additional software that adapts to change and have an ongoing cost.
  3.  WordPress is secure, but as the most popular platform, it has the most hackers trying to exploit it.
  4. It’s a content management system and needs more powerful and up to date hosting than an HTML site would.  Extreme care is needed as almost all hosting companies claim to be able to power WordPress. That does not mean they can handle the themes and plugins that make WordPress useful.

Finding a balance

We built scores of  WordPress websites for clients who previously had HTML sites.  This always gave us concerns as clients would either find the cost of running a website increased or they took on a commitment that very few could realistically manage.

If we suggested an HTML site invariably, as a client reassessed their online needs, they would find they wanted some functionality better suited to WordPress.

Our reasons for only doing WordPress sites came from the realization that very few businesses can hope to compete long term with a static website. WordPress became the safest and most cost-effective way for businesses to be able to up their game.

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