Project Next Steps

On the “Getting Started” page of your WordPress site there may be some specific next steps for your project, but here are some generic pointers:



  • Do we have your email contact for form submissions and your social media links?
  • Do you have a style guide for your brand.  Any particular fonts or colours we should use?
  • Please start uploading resources to the Media Library (images and pdfs will be automatically optimised ).
  • Do you need searchable and editable images from Stencil?
  • Do you need MailChimp for newsletter signups (free up to 2,000 subscribers)?
  • Do you need Stripe to take payments on the site?

Digital marketing


  • Do we know what we what your site to achieve for you?
  • Do we know what SEO keywords we can compete for in search?
  • Do we know where your visitors are coming from?
  • Do we know who your main competitors are (online).
  • Do we know anything about the journey visitors go though before they contact you?
  • Do you have any statistics from on a former site?
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