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Our Web Building Task List

29th August 2020

Perhaps the most boring blog post of all time, but here’s the tasks we do on a typical website build. Many of these are not seen by clients.  We are […]


Watertight Marketing: Delivering Long-Term Sales Results

28th August 2019

I’ve read many books on marketing, but none quite as practical as Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas. This is the framework we use to access where we may be able […]


Project Next Steps

10th June 2019

On the “Getting Started” page of your WordPress site there may be some specific next steps for your project, but here are some generic pointers: Practical:   Do we have […]


Why We Use Beaver Builder?

3rd March 2019

Why we use beaver builder? Not too many years ago page builders had a reputation for poor code and terrible SEO.  Most web professionals would not entertain them.  But, as […]


The Pros and Cons of WordPress for Business Owners

24th February 2019

We only build WordPress websites, but we don’t want unhappy clients so here’s our honest thoughts on WordPress. It comes from our experience using it almost daily since 2007 and […]


Why We Do Web Design Differently?

16th February 2019

Why we do web design differently When we started we tried to be like everyone else… Ask about the client’s aims Write a proposal and provide a quote Set up contracts […]


Improve your Website Conversions with

4th February 2019

We have recently added to the list of permanent services we use at WP Corner Shop. It generates heatmaps  (of user clicks and/or mouse movements) and allows you to see […]


CartFlows – Get more sales from e-Commerce

1st February 2019

We love Woocommerce. It allows us and our clients to own a fully functional e-commerce site without spending tens of thousands. But, there’s a problem and every serious marketer knows […]

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